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Wentwood 50km Mountain Bike Event, Sunday 12th March 2017

Hi All,

I'm pleased to let you know that the Wentwood50 Goshawk Challenge is back for March 2017. Applications to the landowners are currently in-progress, so all being well - we'll be good to go as planned. Hopefully you're all rested up and looking forward to another Wentwood pre-season special. 

Regarded by most as a tough ride, unforgiving and technically challenging in parts, the Wentwood 50km Goshawk Challenge is an early season mountain bike XC training event that will test every area of your mountain biking skills and fitness. 

No change to the winning formula - a great 50km route for you to enjoy, natural singletrack with a mix of fireroad and some tarmac (helps sort out the line-up) - with a split on the 50km route for 25km riders who are looking for something a little less daunting, but please note that there is also a cut-off time on the 50km route for riders who do not reach a designated point by a specified time.

For those unfamiliar with Wentwood Forest, it's the largest ancient forest in Wales with over 1000 acres of continuous broad leaf and coniferous woodland. Both the 50km and 25km routes make use of the varied terrain and with circa 1500m of climbing the Wentwood 50km Goshawk Challenge is the perfect pre-season starter. But it’s not all uphill and there are some great downhill sections which will leave you smiling ear to ear!

Car Parking: 

Event Start:



Entry Fee:


at the start venue next to Penylan House, Pike Road, Llanvaches, South Wales, NP26 3BE. Car Park Opens at 07:30am on event day. Basic breakfast fare will be available.

10:30am, Sunday 12th March 2017

We’re not really geared up for happy campers, but if you’re in a pinch we can provide some limited spaces – just not the camping facilities such as water, etc., Hence any camping is by prior arrangement only

Online, the event is limited to only 300 entries.

£22.00 per rider registered before 31st December 2016
£28.00 per rider registered 1st January 2017 to 28th February 2017

Note: no on-the-day registratiion.

For those of you who have riden the Goshawk Challenge before, you know the script ...it's all about pain management. Each year we try to introduce some new mental and physical hurt into the route - athough some of you may be pleased to learn that for 2017 we've had to throttle back on the climbing a bit due to logging operations ...about a 100m or so. Regardless, as with previous years it will be a tough ride. 
For those of you training for the upcomming endurance season it promises to be a great workout.

You enter the event not the distance and this year we've reintroduced the middle distance, so you can opt to focus on the 25km, 35km or the full 50km route - just ride until your cooked ...happy days. Please be reminded that Wentwood Forest is largely natural track and can be subject to weather conditions, so if you don't like getting your bike dirty then this is probably not the event for you - rock up to one of the nearby trail centres instead.

As most of you already know, we use a coloured tag system to record the riders distance completed at the finish. Tags are given at varying points along the course, so if you want your distance recorded it's important that you collect your tag from the marshal when hailed to do so.  

Please note that the route is subject to change and sections of the route cross private land which we only have permission to use on the day of the event. Hence the route will not be published, except as displayed at registration with private land highlighted.

 50km Route Climbing: 1400m  1x feed & Water at 21km, 1x water station at 35km

35km Route Climbing: 1000m  1x feed & Water at 21km

25km Route 
Climbing: 700m   1x feed & Water at 21km

Of course the Wentwood50 Goshawk Challenge would not be possible without the strong support of local charities which we continue to donate proceeds to. In particular;

The Woodland Trust (and other landowners), without them there would be no Wentwood50 Goshawk Challenge. The route makes extensive use of their land and we are really fortunate for their support.  We are priviledged to be able to host our event in such a fantastic setting.

The 1
stWentwood Scout Group who volunteer their manpower to assist with the marshalling and loan of registration facilities, tents, tables, etc. They're a well run outfit and very supportive of the local community.