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Wentwood 50km Mountain Bike Event

Feedback is important to us and we really appreicate your constructive comments to make the event the best that it can possibly be (please do remember that it’s all in aide of charity, so we’re trying to achieve a pragmatic balance between cost overheads and the donations we hope to make, without compromising your enjoyment). Just ping an email to robert@robertstorey.com and we'll publish it here - good or bad.  

Wentwood50 2017 Event Feedback

Hi Robert, Here is the ride report i did for my local club. We had about a dozen of us there from Swindon and loved it. 
http://www.mbswindon.co.uk/ride-report-wentwood-50/  Keep up the great work! Regards, Phil Allum  

Rider feedback from the 2017 event....

Hi Robert, It's been a couple of weeks, but finally got around to sending you a message of appreciation for the fun / pain / satisfaction of being involved with the epic that was The Goshawk Challenge. We aimed for (and achieved) 35km, and have nothing but admiration for the fit/fast riders that powered past us on the hills, and even finished the 50km in less time than it took us to do the 35. Incredible. People have spoken positively about the signage, which was adequate and well-placed. But the stars of the show were the marshalls, who were there to direct and aid - and shout out encouragement. I remember one chap who called out, "well done guys, you're 18km of the way through"! I couldn't decide whether that was a good thing or a bad thing! Thanks, Ryan

Hi Ryan, Thank you for your kind words. I will certainly pass on your appreciation to everyone who helped. Glad you enjoyed the event, and yes you are correct the marshals are the real stars who volunteer their time to make the event a success. Long hours standing and directing as needed. Quite a few from the Scout Troop although perhaps not easily ​distinguishable, others who support ​their own ​charity of choice - so a grand day out for all. Yes, those fast boys definitely put the power down - mindboggling what they can do compared to us normal chaps.

Hi Rob,Just wanted to say a massive, massive MASSIVE, thank you for Sundays event.  The course was utterly amazing and held up well despite the rain.  By the way I loved the mud, just great fun. As always everyone involved was amazing and please pass on my thanks and appreciation to all the marshals etc. Now the food.  Yeap amazing cakes :o).  Please also thank who ever made me the muffin for the end.  It was utterly amazing and so kind of them.  I love the muffins on this event, it's why I came half way round the world last year ;o) I really appreciate everything you do and this is by far one of the best event I do and it looks like you put in a hell of a lot of work and it's really appreciate.So thank you so much, Mugs

Hi Mugs, Really glad you could make this years event again and always appreciate your feedback, as do all the marshals and everyone who helps out. Tricky to sort the route this year, for a bunch of reasons, but yes quite a lot of work which most picked up on. Glad that it seemed to ride well for everyone despite the weather in the week leading up to it. Forecast looked a bit suspect at one point, but it held off again for us - so lucked out there. That's why we moved the main feed station under cover - normally at the top as you know - but this year in the forest proper to give more protection just in case. Interestingly this year we actually ran out of food - never happened before - so some of the later riders missed out on a few of the goodies. Can't figure that out because previously the route meant most visited the feed station twice, this year the route dictated just the once and we purchased the same amount (!). Oh well - plenty of hot tea and coffee. However, I think someone squirreled away a muffin or two especially for you at the finish. Keep enjoying the riding, and look forward to when our paths cross again.

Well done Robert, best one so far, it just keeps getting better. You even managed to keep the rain at bay.....Regards, Graham 

Hi Graham,  Thanks for the feedback, really appreciate it and glad you enjoyed the day on the bike. Weather looked a bid dodgy in the week leading up to it, but pleased that it held off for us and everyone seems to have enjoyed themselves, so all good really.

Thanks for a great event. Please don't change a thing - great course, very good Marshalls and a good balance between competitive and fun.
Regards, Adam

Hi Adam, Thanks for the feedback - can be tricky to get the balance right, probably more by chance than design. I think it really comes down to those that attend - at the end of the day its all about the riding - and you can push yourself (or not) as you wish. Will definitely pass on your thanks to all the marshals and everyone who helped make the day a success.

Hi Rob,  Thanks for another challenging WW50 today. Course was a brutal as ever and the support crew were on top form. Everyone really helpful & friendly as always. Signage was spot on too.  Hope it all went well from your side too. Best wishes, Leighton.

Hi Leighton, Thanks, yes all good from this side and glad that you found the signage clear - we did have some vandalism leading up to the event - but I know the source so can manage around that (you just have to accept it sometimes, even if its a charity event). Will pass on your kind regards to everyone who helped and hope to see you out on the trails over the summer.

What a great ride and trails at the 2017 Wentwood enduro.  It was tough enough with plenty of single track and some technical parts. So many new ways of mapping the forest, a perfect venue for this event. Thank you Robert Storey and friends! Regards, Dave

Hi Dave, Great that you had good day out on the bike and that you enjoyed the route and the forest. Can be a bit tricky to hook the single track together sometimes and map a route - depends on a bunch of factors, not least the state of the tracks themselves - but exploring the forest and sniffing out new pieces is always good fun I find.  Will pass on your appreciation to everyone who helped and hope you have a good summer on the trails.

Hi Robert, I just wanted to pass on my thanks to you and everyone else involved in organising and running yesterday's Wentwood 50. It was a brilliant, day of riding despite the mud and the fatigue I'm feeling today. It was great to be greeted at each turn by marshalls who somehow kept smiling despite the fact that they were standing around in a muddy (and no doubt cold!) wood for hours, it's the atmosphere that makes events like that and yesterday had it in spades. Thank you again, and I hope to be back again next year. Best regards, Paul

Hi Paul, Thanks for your feedback, I will certainly pass on your appreciation to everyone who helped make the day a success and really glad you enjoyed the day on the bike. I think the atmosphere is also down to the riders themselves, despite the weather forecast leading up to event everyone seemed to bring their fun face with them and that's always a recipe for a good time.

Hi Robert  Just a quick note to say a big thank you to you and all the other volunteers. best mountain bike event we've ever done. Superb job.Would live to ride it again in the summer. See you all next year hopefully, many thanks, Dan.

Hi Dan, Thanks for your feedback which I'll pass on to everyone who helped. Really glad you enjoyed the event and that it's left a positive impression - that's all we can hope for really. Thank you

Hi Robert, Thoroughly enjoyed the bike ride last Sunday. Very well organised, ample and clear signage and fantastic views of the valleys and the river Severn. Best wishes, Frans

Hi Frans,  Thanks for your feedback, much appreciated. Yes - we're spoiled with the venue and views. Glad you enjoyed yourself and had a good day out on the bike. Hope to catch you on the trails this summer.  

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