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Wentwood 50km Mountain Bike Event
If you or your supporters take pictures during the event that you would like to make available to the other riders then let us know and we'll put a link on this page or display them here. All photographs will remain your copyright, however by submitting your pictures to be posted here you agree that we can use these pictures to promote the event in future. Many thanks

Wentwood50 2017 Event Photos

Hi Robert,

Good to see you and thank you for the directions. I staked out two locations, one near(ish) the start and one approaching the finish, It will take me a few evenings to work through them fully, but I've made a start of ​uploading some of the photo's to my flickr page. As I've done in the past I've asked for a small donation towards the Motor Neurone Disease Association for an unwatermarked photo. 


Thanks again, Craig.

Wentwood50 2016 Event Photos

A few photographers on the coure this year, I believe all hobbiest with full time jobs so need to be a bit patient. I should have links to their images or details where you can see these shortly.

Hi Robert, Glad to see the event back after the break, the weather really turned up to help make a fantastic ride again this year - I think I got a little sunburnt! I've started uploading some of my photo's of the event to flickr, as I've done in the past I've asked for a small donation towards the MND Association for an unwatermarked photo. I hope that's OK? https://flic.kr/s/aHskweE3G5,  thanks again, Craig.

...and another

Hi Rob, I'm there!  If you could drop the following on your website I'd very much appreciate it! Thanks for a wonderful event.   As a completely amateur photographer I appreciate the opportunity to get out there and practice my photography.    I'm happy to send high res photos of the event taken from various positions on the course at the Northern side of the Forest.   Low res versions available on my Flickr Album at https://www.flickr.com/photos/millar_lbc/albums/72157665424036240   

Wentwood50 2014 Event Photos

Hi Rob,  Just a quick email to say thanks for your time on what must be a hectic day.  It was another fantastic event this year, and the weather really turned up trumps!  I've uploaded alot of my photo's to my flickr site http://www.flickr.com/photos/trackandtrails/sets/72157642113291905/

I'm going through them after work, so there's still some left to be uploaded. Again, as I've done in previous years, I've asked people to make a donation to charity and I'll email them a high-res picture.Thanks again, Craig Fawkes

Wentwood50 2013 Event Photos

A selection of photo's from the 2013 event... 

Hi Robert, it was a good day - if a little cold!. No problem - I'm grateful for the directions and can appreciate how busy a day it must be for you. Yes thanks, I managed to find the stream and the hill - that seemed to catch out a few people.  I'm working through them after work, so it’s taking a little time, I've uploaded the photo's I’ve worked through so far to flickr. I still have some to look through, which I'll be doing over the next few days. 

http://www.flickr.com/photos/14306776@N08/sets/72157632962109841/  and 


I hope you don't mind - I've done the same again this year, uploaded a small picture and asked if someone would like a larger version, to make a donation to charity. It's raised £34 over the past two years for Motor Neurone, not a lot, but it all helps! cheers, Craig

Wentwood50 2012 Event Photos

A selection of photo's from the 2012 event... 

Hello Robert, I believe I spoke with you yesterday (Sunday) at the Wentwood 50 event with regards to taking photos of the event. As you explained, you said there should be no issues and gave me some information relating to the routes. You also mentioned that you could post links to photos taken on the day via your website. I have uploaded quite a number of images to my flickr account (as they came, out of camera) and below is the link; http://www.flickr.com/photos/40396250@N03/sets/72157629568873955/  With kind regards, Kevin Morgan-Williams

Hi Robert, Thanks for your help on Sunday in giving some directions and taking the time to show me the trail. I'm working through the pictures from the day and am in the process of uploading them to my flickr site, once again I've uploaded low res images and asked anyone who would like the large image to kindly make a donation to charity. I hope that is ok.
http://www.flickr.com/photos/14306776@N08/sets/72157629564396193/  Once again, thank  you for your assistance. all the best, Craig

Wentwood50 2011 Event Photos

A selection of photo's from the 2011 event...

Hello - I can see that another supporter has sent a link to their photo's on flickr - likewise - I've taken quite a few, which would take a while to email over. I'm the same as Debbie - I'm just an amateur photographer, taking photo's for the pleasure of it. Here's the link -
http://www.flickr.com/photos/14306776@N08/sets/72157626210922326/  I've uploaded smallish pics and asked anyone who'd like the original image to make a donation to the supported charities, and I'd email them the larger picture.Thanks, Craig.

Here's a few shots of Wentwood Forest for those of you unfamilar with the ride venue!